We benefit from our extensive experience and expertise we have gained from working with some of the largest hard and soft commodity traders in the world. We have previously dealt with a wide spectrum of commodity disputes which inter alia alia include contamination & “off–spec” claims, late shipment/delayed arrival claims, letters of credit and documentary compliance issues, demurrage disputes under both charters and sale contracts, on- and off-shore storage contracts etc. The experience of the firm includes enforcing foreign arbitral awards on behalf of a number of large multinational commodity trading enterprises against  against Indian commodity traders some of whom maybe insolvent. We have successfully intercepted and attached moneys payable to the Indian judgment debtors from Indian state owned entities.

The firm has recently acted for a number of foreign banks and commodity traders involved in complex trade finance transactions. We acted for the Singapore office of a French bank in a USD 90 Million dispute with India’s largest manufacturer of edible oil over a trade financing facility. In addition to this, we acted  on behalf of the Singapore office of a Swiss soft commodities trader   with an Indian entity and their Dubai associated companies involving a series of back to back commodity sale contracts. We have also been involved in a number of letter of credit disputes. Finally, we have been successful in obtaining orders of injunction from Indian Courts against banks from honoring the letter of credit.