Ship Arrest

Securing a maritime claim by way of arrest is one of the most potent and most effective method of protecting a claimant. We understand and appreciate the complexities and the urgencies in which an application of arrest is required to be moved in Court. Our team of Associates have vast experience in dealing with matters in the area and we are able to move swiftly to seek appropriate orders. We are actively involved ship arrest and/or release not only in Mumbai but also other High Court in India.


Wet Matters

“In the field of shipping, Bose & Mitra & Co has extensive experience of “wet” (admiralty) matters, such as collision, salvage and pollution. The firm responded rapidly to the sinking of ‘M.V. DEN DEN’  ‘M.V. OEL VISSION’,  ‘M.V. SEA PANTHER’,’ M.V. CJN III’, and the grounding of the ‘Tug Nancy 3’  ‘M.V. RIBBON’, ‘M.V. OCEAN SERAYA, ‘M.V. VEING DONG II’, ‘M.V. SEA MARYAM, acting for the ship’s owners and their P&I club. The list of wet matters handled are not exhaustive. We also advise various government authority/body on the issue of collision in Mumbai Port between the ‘MSC Chitra’ and the ‘M.V. Kalija III’. We advise the State Government, Central Government and Director General of Shipping in relation to casualties and how to lodge claim for the environmental damage caused. Investigating maritime casualties and drafting articles of claim and taking witness statements is left to competent Senior Associates and Associates. In addition to wet and dry, the firm also has a “soggy section” that handles a variety of issues including piracy. Recreantly it advised and acted for the family member of the crew members of ‘M.V. Asfalt Venture’ who have been held as hostage by the Somalian Pirates. Family members are now being paid the legitimate monthly wages due to the crew and necessary steps are taken to release the crew. The firm has a first-class reputation for handling wet matters.”