Ship Sale and Purchase

Sale and purchase of vessels is one of the important undertakings of our firm.  Our firm deals with sale and/or purchase for both second-hand and new-built  vessels as also deals with the ship-building contracts. The vessel types range from  Offshore vessels, MOPU, Tugs, Barges, Accommodation Barges, General Cargo vessels, Bulk Carriers,  Kamsarmax, Tankers and Research vessels.  We assist ship-owners for registration both under Indian Flag and Foreign Flag.

The principal method of owning a ship is the purchase of a new or existing ship.  Prior to the purchase of the vessel, we negotiate the terms of the contract, namely, the Memorandum of Agreement and Addenda thereto which define the rights and obligations of both the parties and allocates risks to be borne by the parties. We ensure that the documents required by the Flag registry of the Buyers are met with and that the purchase is accurately and competently drafted to cover all contingencies and all problems identified with the vessel, on behalf of the Buyers or the Sellers. We assist with drafting the terms of the new building construction contracts for the Buyers with regard to purchase of new building vessels. We provide assistance in drafting and vetting the various agreements associated with the sale including ship and crew management contracts and performance guarantees. Our firm instills in the prospective Seller or the Buyer full trust in our firm to attend to the entire process of the transactions till the deal is completed.