We serve as advisors, counsel and arbitrators in a variety of complex and high-value Indian arbitrations and international arbitrations around the globe. Many of these cases involve sums in excess of $100 million in value and arise from shipping, international trade, insurance, oil and gas etc. The firm is regularly involved in maritime and international trade arbitrations both ad hock and arbitrations administered by the ICC, SIAC, SCMA, LMAA, FOSFA, GAFTA and ICA.

Our team has extensive experience of the arbitration process. As with litigation, the management of cost is important and we therefore offer advice on measures to protect a client’s costs position. We can offer guidance on issues such as:

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[list_a] The extent of coverage of the arbitration agreement [/list_a]

[list_a] Staying court proceedings [/list_a]

[list_a] Issues relating to the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 [/list_a]

[list_a] Selecting and appointing the arbitrator. [/list_a]

[list_a] The arbitrator’s jurisdiction and conduct. [/list_a]

[list_a] Intervention by the court. [/list_a]

[list_a] Enforcement of arbitration awards. [/list_a]


We are experienced in all aspects of case handling in the arbitration process. This includes preparing statements of case, disclosure of documents, factual and expert witness evidence and conduct of the hearing.