Dry Matters/ Charterparty, Bills of Lading & Sale Contracts

Over the past two decades, we have been involved in a wide range of charterparty disputes dealing with a wide variety of issues relating to laytime & demurrage, off hire, withdrawal for non-payment of hire, vessels delivery and redelivery, failure to tender redelivery notices, vessel tendered not be as described in the charterparty, bunker claims, speed claims etc. Additionally, we represent clients in arbitration’s stemming from charterparty.

We have acted for and against cargo interests in relation to cargo claims and shortlanding claims stemming from bill of lading. Additionally, we have been involved in numerous cases, wherein shipowners face liability for delivering cargo without production of the bill of lading, cases involving switching of bills of lading, splitting bills of lading and letters of indemnity.

We have also provided advice and have appeared in arbitration’s relating to commodity sale contracts